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While I wait for inspiration to strike on a more interesting post, I want to introduce a few of the critters in my shop and out.

First and foremost, I want you to meet the face of Tiny Octopus Designs (TOD from now on): Jersey the Super Octo. This body form is named after Jersey himself so if you see me referring to a “Jersey” octopus it just means it looks like this guy. 🙂 If you’re wondering about the “super octo” part of his name just take a look at his yellow gloves and blue mask. He’s ready to save the day!

Jersey the Super Octo


This is Eugene for whom the “Eugene” body style is named. He’s my own personal octopus because as soon as I put him up for sale on Etsy I fell in love with him and couldn’t bear to see him go. Now he goes everywhere I go as my best form of advertisement.

Octopus Eugene

Next we have Burt who sold to a good friend of mine.  The red paint on his legs ended up so thin that he looks almost translucent in some parts.


Charlie is, in my opinion, what a golf ball would look like if it dressed up for Halloween. She’s a cutie though and I love her.


This is Jordan who is still (as of Septempter 7) up for sale. She’s sweet and cuddly and my favorite color combination.


Jesse is another example of my favorite color combination. He’s a quirky little guy who always looks like he’s ready to tell (or keep) a secret. He is also still for sale.


This is Carlotta who, if she was any other animal, would be a hamster I think. She’s the first and so far only octopus with lower eyelids. I still haven’t decided if it’s a design feature I want to keep. She is still for sale.


Sherry is a sweet little girl who looks like she is what she eats. Painted to look like a piece of candy, Sherry purposefully has one larger than the other to give the impression that she’s on a sugar high. 🙂 She is still for sale.


Midge is another one that I kept for myself. I drive a maroon Subaru named Mimi with a beige runner along the bottom so I painted Midge to match. As soon as I find a nice ribbon she will be hanging from my rear view mirror. 🙂


Myrna was a commission for a coworker of mine who wanted her octopus to be purple and grey. Something about her reminds me of an elephant who has been painted for a festival. She is named after one of my favorite actresses: Myrna Loy.


Otto is the very first non-cephalopod and he certainly won’t be the last. I was asked if I also made tiny jellyfish so I sat down to see what I could come up with and this is what I got! Expect to see many more like him. 🙂 He is still for sale.


So that’s it for now! As I create more pieces they will each get their own post linking to their Etsy listing. If you haven’t already noticed, each one of these will either link to Etsy or my TOD Facebook page.



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  1. Haha they’re so cute! Keep up the good work!


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