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My work area

I have a nice desk with a glass top which is perfect for painting and sculpting on upstairs, but it’s so much more convenient to shove everything off the crappy computer desk we have downstairs and cram all of my paints into what little space I am able to make available. Needless to say, I don’t have the fanciest set up. It’s comfy though and it’s in the same room as my lovely fiance usually is so I’m not marooning myself in some dark upstairs corner.

my workspace

As you can see, I’m not super organized when it comes to crafting. I have a foxy beaird, a ferrety beaird, an original beaird, a cat fiearsh, and two jellyfish all at various stages of being painted. Each of these pieces is finished now, but it took a while because I kept jumping between them as I went. Also, because I paint to small, I dip my brushes directly into the lids and apply to the pieces. I’m too lazy to put paint on a mixing board or anything like that so I just blend colors right on the surface being painted.

So now you’ve had a glimpse into the creative processes behind TOD! I might do a “how they’re made” post in the future so keep an eye out.


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