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Nikki the Second

Last year I started making octopus rings out of Sculpey that looked like tiny octopuses wrapping around your finger. They were a big hit and I received a flattering number of  requests for rings but the ones I made for myself all had one HUGE problem. The tentacles which wrapped around the finger kept snapping because the Sculpey wasn’t made to endure so much force. I tried reinforcing them with wire and thickening them but they just kept breaking and I had to set aside my new favorite creation until I could find a way to make it stronger.

I thought up all kinds of solutions from reinforcing them with an actual metal ring to making a mold and casting them in resin. Nothing really struck me as easy or foolproof. Then about a week or so ago my friend suggested I check out a product called Sugru because she thought it might work for my rings. To my delight, I discovered the product she had found was a moldable, air-dry, self-curing silicone which was made to be super durable and resilient.

Needless to say I ordered the stuff right away and made up a few octopus rings as soon as it arrived. I made myself a ring which I named and painted after the first octo ring I ever made: Nikki. I plan to wear him for a week or so straight to see how he holds up. So far he is doing magnificent and I’ve got all my fingers and toes crossed that this Sugru is the answer to my prayers! If he stays in one piece I will be able to make and sell more rings like him in my Etsy shop. 😀

Check out the Sugru site if you’re at all interested in a super awesome, easily applied and shaped rubber material which is intended to be used to fix, improve, and (to use their word) hack everything you need. ❤

Nikki II

Nikki II

Nikki II

Nikki II


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