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Boogie the Dragon Puppy

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Eek! It’s been so long since I posted anything here! I knew blogging wasn’t for me. Oh well. I’m not going to give up yet!

National Novel Writing Month started on November first and I have been diligently plugging away at my 50,000 word goal. It’s going pretty well so far! I’m almost 30% of the way done. I just hit 13,760 words and took a break to write this post. Needless to say, Tiny Octopus Designs has been put on a back burner for the time being which makes me kinda sad. I should intersperse writing with sculpting and get some new pendants up for sale.

How about 15 minutes of writing, 15 minutes of sculpting, 15 minutes of writing, 15 minutes of sculpting, etc…? I should also throw homework and cleaning the house in there too. Ah!

One art project I have managed to finish during this time is a little dragon named Boogie. I call her my dragon puppy because I styled her after a great dane puppy with huge feet and sort of a puppy-like attitude. Normally I made little fat aquatic dragons with very simplistic bodies and faces and fins rather than wings because that’s the easiest for me. I wanted to challenge myself with Boogie and I’m really happy with the outcome. Her wings and feet are pink because she’s still a baby and her feathers haven’t grown out all the way. Check her out!


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  1. This is really awesome, you are very talented!!


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