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The Week Before Spring Break

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I can’t believe it! Spring Break is NEXT WEEK! I’m not sure where this semester has gone, but it’s just flying by and I feel like I’ve gotten nothing done this year! I’ve been spending my free time perusing Etsy shops as well as Tumblr blogs which feature art and it’s getting me in such a creative mood!

I’m sorry I’ve been a little low on new items recently. I tend to work in spurts and then go through long dry spells. I’m thinking about setting myself on a schedule where I make at least one piece every other day. This whole small business thing is so much fun, but I’m SO bad at it!

However, I am excited to tell you that my new business cards finally got here! I had temps for a while that were a free design from Vistaprint, but I finally gave in and made a design of my own and ordered some that were not quite as free.

Recognize the tentacles on the back? And that’s my tiny octopus logo on the front! Needless to say, I’m pretty dang excited about these and I wish I could hand them out to everyone without being pushy and obnoxious. Haha.

Keep an eye out for a push of new items leading up to Spring Break! Hopefully I’ll have some more up soon.


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