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Pinterest is the new love of my life

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t get past just how much fun Pinterest is. I get in these crafty moods every now and then when I’m too lazy to actually make anything, so I hop on Pinterest and find a bunch of projects I want to do later on! It’s amazing the kind of stuff you can find on that site. Anyway, I got into another Pinteresty mood last night and made a board for all of my Tiny Octopus Designs creations. I’m hoping they’ll get some movement around the site, but so far only one of my friends has liked them all. Ah well. It’s my newest advertising experiment so I’ll see how it goes!

My Pinterest handle is “Spider in the Wine” because it was the name of a book I was planning to write and have yet to actually get started on. I have a board for “Upcycle and DIY” and a board called “For Eating” that’s packed with wonderful looking recipes. I also have a wedding board, because how could I resist? And I have a few other on Disney, clothing, and house related stuff. Then of course there’s my Tiny Octopus Designs board that I’ll update as regularly as I can!

So check out my Pinterest and drop me a comment if you have one too so I can see what you’ve pinned too!

And because I hate to publish a post without a picture, here is a little teaser from one of my boards: 

P.S. This is how I do my makeup now. 🙂 I think this woman is gorgeous.



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  1. free penny press

    I actually just joined Pinterest today so my board are rather lonely (my name is Juluca).. the hour or so I spent there was fun, fun….I’ll look you up!

    PS-I love her hair too~

  2. Love this!
    I just nominated you for the Leibster Award. Check it out!


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