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I’m Making a Turtle

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I was browsing around the internet yesterday when I came across an incredible site for making paper mache sculptures called Ultimate Paper Mache. They have great tutorials for gorgeous finished products. I’m definitely hooked. Anyway, I was supposed to be cleaning the kitchen because we’re leaving tomorrow morning for spring break and instead got way sidetracked with this site. I found all of the materials required to make a paper mache sculpture except for masking tape which apparently a huge element. Frustrated, I grabbed the only thing in the house which could fulfill my need to crumple something up and make art out of it: tin foil.

Over Christmas break I had begun making tiny exaggerated sea turtle sculptures out of the foil wrappers my candy from the advent calendar fairy (read: my mom) came in. They had big long legs and big long necks and big long tails and were a ton of fun to make, but never held up long enough to really enjoy. So when I created the same thing, but in XL, I decided it would be fun to cover in Sculpey and actually spend some time on. I added the Sculpey last night and detailed the face a little, but my darling fiance was seasoning his cast iron pots and pans in the oven and I had to wait until today after class to cook it!

He has a very simple, basic body right now and I plan on adding an extravagant amount of detail especially to his shell later on. Because I’m antsy though, I wanted to get pictures of my darling Teddy in his early stages up in a blog post so you can see his progress from a foil monster to a full blown crazy turtle!  Keep in mind that he currently has no shell and no body detailing and all of that will come soon.


Keep an eye out for future posts with updates on Teddy’s progress!

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