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While we were home over Spring Break, Thomas and I had our engagement pictures taken for the Save the Dates! We’ve been engaged since high school and have been waiting to get married until we graduated college so this has been a LONG engagement. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to finally be to the point where we can start doing Save the Dates and invitations and decoration planning! I wanted to share a few of our pictures because the photographer is absolutely incredible. We met with her on a Thursday and she was able to schedule a photo shoot for the very next day because we had to leave on Saturday.

Check out her facebook page and look through more of her pictures. Rachel Owen is a wonderful photographer and I’m so excited to have her for our wedding! Her business is called Catching Violet Photography.

In case you’re wondering, we’re getting married at 3:00 on June 9, 2012 so that’s!

Some of the pictures were taken on the bridge in front of my house in Oregon. We live on a farm with a pond that has an island in the middle so my dad and I built this bridge going from the shore out to the island. I was pretty young when we built it and he told me that years later I would be getting married and I could stand on the bridge with my husband and say “I built this bridge with my dad when I was little.” It only seemed right to take a few pictures on the bridge.

And that’s my gorgeous husband-to-be!

That’s a picture of my Granny 57 years ago wearing the dress that I’ll be wearing at my wedding. I doubt I’ll be able to wear it as well as she did though. My mom wore it too.

Six years ago we had our first kiss in this park in that very spot. The park is a really cool giant wooden castle.

This is my favorite set of pictures. I love his expression in the bottom picture. God, I love that man. I think I’ll just have to marry him!

Expect to see more wedding related pictures as June 9th approaches!


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