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I had a Cyclops for Dinner

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Thomas and I weren’t feeling very hungry tonight so for dinner I mad a small batch of asparagus with garlic, pepper, and parmesan cheese with a clementine on the side. I also added a few slices of salami to each of our plates because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love salami?

While trying to find a pleasing arrangement for the plate, I discovered that with very little effort on my part, our dinners had become cyclopses (cyclopsi? my spell check won’t allow any pluralization of that word, so maybe it’s just cyclops?). It’s kind of like that think you see people do with their breakfast where they make a smiley face out of the bacon and eggs. Only this guy only has one big, orange eyeball and a tongue made out of salami.

Nevertheless, it was a scrumptious meal and all of the cyclops threats have been vanquished.

 Isn’t he a cutie? And so delicious!


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