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What a Wonderful Life

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I’m back home in beautiful Eastern Oregon with less than two weeks until my wedding! My life has been big and exciting and fun recently and I realized I’ve been seriously neglecting my little blog!

In addition to the excitement of the wedding, I also graduated college within the past month. I walked at graduation for my bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology although I still have a few units to finish up in the fall before I get the actual degree. Nonetheless, I feel like I’ve completed a huge milestone in my life and I can’t believe I’ve finished four years of college! Now it’s on to my master’s degree!

As for the wedding, I’ve only had a few little speed bumps, but things have gone remarkably smoothly thus far! I’ve had a lot of fun designing my own invites, announcements, and programs as well as labels for things like cards and the different flavors in the cake. I’ll post pictures of everything as soon as the event and craziness is over!

So that I don’t leave you with a boring post and no picture, here’s a cool animal I didn’t believe was real until I did a little research. This is the Glaucus atlanticus sea slug and it looks like a little dragon to me. I’m thinking I’ll try my hand at making a little polymer clay necklace of this guy!

And here’s a whole article about them! These things are surreal and crazy cute. I want one as a pet.


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