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Do-It-Yourself: Business Cards and Wedding Favors

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A while ago I designed some business cards and had them printed through Vista Print. I wanted a way to make them stand out so I ordered a corner rounder to snip off the sharp corners in the hopes that it would help give the cards that extra umph they needed. I am pleased to say that this was the best twelve dollars I’ve spent recently and I love the way my new and improved cards look. If you’re looking for a fun easy way to make your business cards unique, I highly recommend this! It’s easy and fun and SO satisfying.


Another fun do-it-yourself project I completed recently is my collection of wedding favors for the guests on Saturday! (I can’t believe my wedding is THIS Saturday!) My beautiful maid of honor suggested we buy some tiny terracotta pots from the dollar store (3 for a dollar) and plant succulents in them. Her front yard was being overtaken by hen and chicks succulents so we pulled up all of the small ones and brought them back to my house to plant! Overall we spent $24 on the favors plus the $8 for potting soil so I’d say we pulled this one off well. I love the idea of giving a wedding favor that can be kept and enjoyed rather than eaten at the table or quickly discarded. And the whole bunch of them together look so lovely.


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  1. Nancy Scheeler

    Heather, I sent this link to my daughter Emily who is a product project manager for VistaPrint in Boston. She sends you back kudos!


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