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Our Honeymoon in Leavenworth

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On June 9th I married my now husband and had the time of my life doing so. While I’m still waiting on the pictures back from my wonderful photographer, we did just get back from our honeymoon and I have a few pictures to show!

Husband and I went to Leavenworth, Washington for our honeymoon and it was WONDERFUL. The city is old Bavarian themed and a quick Google Image search will bring up better pictures than I was able to take.

Before we left, my maid of honor decorated my little Subaru Outback (Mimi) with the traditional wedding graffiti. While parked at our  camp site, Mimi had her rear end facing the road and we enjoyed a relatively constant stream of congratulations from passersby. I have to admit that it was pretty ego-boosting to hear from these strangers how cool they thought we were for camping on our honeymoon.

Husband actually made bread from scratch at our camp site and baked it in a cast iron dutch oven his best man had given him as a wedding gift. The bread was incredible. It just doesn’t get better than fresh, moist bread with a perfectly crispy crust while camping in a beautiful forest.

For breakfast the first morning, Husband made eggs and crispy crispy bacon and we feasted like royalty. I’ve never been a cook, but I definitely married one.

Here’s a little shot of downtown Leavenworth. If you still haven’t Google Images searched it then DO. This place looks like a town from a fairy tale book. Everything is themed Bavarian and there was even an accordion festival while we were there! And this place is up in the Enchantment mountain range so it feels like one of those places you see in movies, but never get to see in real life.

The bracelet, knife, and sausage were all purchased in downtown Leavenworth and were honeymoon treats to myself. Husband and I actually bought a matching set of pocket knives (mine being smaller and his being larger, both in the same style and line) as souvenirs we would actually continue to enjoy after the honeymoon. Just to promote my knife because I’m so crazy happy with it, I bought a Columbia River Knife and Tool  Gentleman’s Delegate. I’m in love with it and it has some pretty cool new technology in it.

This is the view of the mountains that we got to enjoy from the balcony of our room at the Bed and Breakfast we stayed at for the second half of the honeymoon.

The Bed and Breakfast we stayed at was called the Scandinavian Escape and it was INCREDIBLE. It was this beautiful little  cabin style home that was gorgeously maintained and decorated. It was out of town up in the hills and the trees and it was everything we wanted it to be. Our room was luxurious with the most comfortable bed in the world and a heated bathroom floor. Our room also had two balconies which we enjoyed in the perfect weather that Leavenworth was experiencing while we were there. I can’t say enough just how much we loved staying at this place. The breakfast was also decadent and the hospitality was incredible. Vern and Linny were a joy to chat and hang out with. I wish we could have stayed an entire week. Two days wasn’t nearly long enough.

Needless to say, we both had a blast on our honeymoon with two days of camping followed by two days of luxury in a B&B. Plus Leavenworth is close enough that we hope to visit as much as we can, mainly for anniversaries.


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  1. Glad you had s great time and thanks for the pictures and blog!

  2. Congratulations on your marriage.


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