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An Heirloom Dress

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Fifty-five years ago, my mother’s mother wore the most gorgeous wedding gown I’ve ever seen. Later on my mother wore it as did several other members of our family. Since I was little I have been looking longingly at the pictures of my family in the dress and anxiously awaiting the day when I too would be able to wear it.

This year was the year and this month was the month.

On June 9th, I married my husband and wore my dream wedding dress. I wanted to share a set of pictures which feature the first and last person to wear the dress. I wanted to replicate my grandmother’s portrait in the dress and with my incredible photographer, Rachael Owen with Catching Violet Photography, we were able to make that dream a success. The dress required no modifications to fit me and it fit perfectly.

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  1. It is amaaaaazing!!!
    I can’t fit in the dress of my mother (the dress is too small and waaaaay too short) but thinking about having something of her wedding day on my wedding day… ❤
    You really looked stuned ❤

  2. Oh wow. Without knowing anything about you and your family, this little post served to send little shivers over me! What a wonderful pair of photos. What a stunning dress and what an amazing piece of history recreated. I love that you even share the same profile. Just gorgeous. Thankyou for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I felt so so lucky to be able to wear such a significant part of my family’s history like this. It made my wedding perfect, especially because my Granny was able to attend the wedding and see me in her dress. 🙂


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