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The Creation of Midge the Catbird

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I’ve taken some time away from sculpting recently due to a busy life and, for some reason, a lack of inspiration. At work we just moved a station I work at into a new room and I did a little doodle on a magnet of  a cat with wings and named her Midge. Yesterday I bought some new Sculpey and today I decided to try my hand at sculpting Midge. I rarely work with Super Sculpey Firm because it’s so dry and difficult to work with, but it was exactly what I needed for her face because it holds detail much better. I did her wings and tail out of normal Super Sculpey because I got way too fed up with having to warm up and prepare the Firm little bit at a time. Anyway, I wanted to share a few progress shots with you while she’s cooking and maybe tonight I’ll get her painted! I haven’t decided what colors to make her yet.

This is a nearly finished wing with a little tweaking left to do.

After I made the first wing I outlined it onto a piece of tracing paper and flipped it over so I could make sure everything on the second wing was at least somewhat symmetrical. I’d like to take this moment to add that I hate symmetry. Why can’t birds just have one wing?

10 points if you can tell me what book I use as a work surface in these pictures.



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  1. Dr. Seuss! “Oh, the Places You’ll Go.” Love that book and little Midge. 😀


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