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Midge the Catbird is finished!

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The newest addition to my polymer clay family is painted and ready for her photo shoot. When she was still in the sculpting stage, I was trying to decide if I wanted to make her a realistic looking catbird (all things considered) or if she would look better a little cartoony. I decided to go with a style that ended up reminding me of some of my favorite sculptures by Jim Shore. Granted, it’s FAR from Jim Shore, but I’m really happy with the outcome. I’m going to make another one soon and I want to try a much heavier hand at mimicking that style. We’ll see!

Anyway, here is the finished product.


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  1. H- i LOVE the wings!!! how to you get them on the body without ruining all of the detail?

    • Thanks! I gently pressed them on and they stuck. Super Sculpey is pretty good about getting friendly with itself. I don’t know how sturdy the wings are, but since she’s a desk accessory and not a necklace I’m not too worried about it. Also, feathers are super easy if you want me to show you sometime!

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