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Pinterest Finds of the Day: Nail Polish, Bottle Stoppers, and a New Life for Old Vases

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I’ve been in a crafty mood lately and for lack of motivation to actually do anything about it, I have been browsing Pinterest all day and loving it! There are so many creative people on that site with so many fun DIY projects I just couldn’t help but share some of my favorites today. While I haven’t done any of these yet, I definitely plan to in the future.

Pin 1: DIY Nail Polish

Simply pick a favorite color of eye shadow or blush, add to clear nail polish, shake, and enjoy! If you can’t find a color you really like you can always mix a few together until you reach your perfect tint! I know I’m excited to try this one.


Pin 2: Animal Bottle Stoppers


This pin just cracks me up. There’s something perfectly goofy about half a little plastic animal sticking out the top of a nice wine bottle. And it looks pretty easy! Just pop into your local dollar store and grab a bag of these little fellas, buy some reusable corks and securely affix the rear end of the animal to the top. Make sure the animal is on there good and permanent so it doesn’t pull off when you’re trying to open said wine bottle.


Pin 3: Faux Porcelain

Faux porcelain seems to be surging in popularity recently and I can see why! Do you have an old, ugly vase or even some junky old plastic toys needing a new life? All you need is some white glossy spray paint from your local hardware store and you’re set! Just look at how elegant that rhino looks. I know want some sweet porcelain animals to decorate my house with. They’re the prefect fun and fancy accent piece for any living space.


Those are my top 3 favorite pins for this week! Check back in a day or so and I’m sure there will be plenty more!

Happy crafting!


[If you like the pins I shared in this post, check out the rest of my boards on Pinterest!]



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