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Very Special Seeds of Inspiration

If you’ve been following my posts recently, you’ll know that I’m in full swing production of the Seeds of Inspiration which I hope will be used as desktop/carry-along muses during National Novel Writing Month. They’ll be up for sale in my Etsy shop on September 26th, but I’ve made a few as gifts for friends which don’t necessarily fit the general design of the Seeds.

Firstly, I made a Dragon Seed for a friend just to see if I could pull it off. While it may look like a bizarre tadpole, it is in fact a fearsome dragon which I’m pretty sure could carry off a small cat by the time it’s fully grown.

The next was a gift for a friend’s birthday. She said she wanted something fairy taley and maybe princessy, so I made her a fairy tale princess! Meet Camilla and her little metal wings.

And finally there’s the little chicken! She looks kinda funny because I didn’t want to give her a beak, but gave her a little comb so she’d more obviously be a chicken. Not sure about the result. My friend seemed to like her though so I call that success!

There they are! Some very special Seeds. So if you have a favorite animal, plant, character, or pretty much anything else just let me know! I love experimenting and I love commissions. Hit me up!


Keep an eye on the Tiny Octopus Designs facebook page for more updates and more pictures of the Seeds of Inspiration!


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