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Pinterest: Fall Craft DIYs

As usual, I’ve been hopelessly addicted to Pinterest and finding all kinds of fun things. Most recently my interest has turned to Fall themed craft and decorating ideas and I wanted to share a few with you!

1. An Elegant Leafy Wreath

I love the style of this wreath from the way it drapes at the bottom to the lovely Autumn colors in the leaves. It’s a nice prelude to the evergreen wreaths that are just around the corner.


2. Beautiful Blue Felted Acorns

I am completely in love with these. I’ve been meaning to get into felting for a while now, but I think this pin might just be the persuasion I need to finally start. They’d make great earrings, necklaces, and simply stand alone decorations! Might be a sweet idea to make a handful and gift them to a friend in a little mason jar or something.


3. Colorful Felt Leaves

These look simple to make, yet very cute and colorful and perfect for seasonal decorations! I believe these were originally intended to be used as coasters, but they’d also look great on headbands or on a necklace if they were smaller.


You can check out my Pinterest for more fun Fall craft ideas and keep an eye out for the next Pinterest blog post!


It’s Thursday. Get Inspired!

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Sooooooooo… I’ve been slacking lately and have neglected my poor blog. You’ll be happy to hear that I haven’t been just doodling around and wasting time though. I’ve been hooked on other blogs! They’ve been getting me in a very inspired mood recently so I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that the experience can be shared.

I know you’re supposed to save the best for last, but I’m going to put my favorite first. A Pair of Pears is absolutely the most enjoyable, inspirational, and fun blog I’ve found so far. It’s written by a young husband and wife team who run their own letterpress business. Their style is incredible and they have a great eye for cool fonts. They even have a few great tutorials. These two make me want to have a successful small business with my husband-to-be and run an awesome blog. 😉

Another new favorite is More Design Please which is overflowing with cool craft ideas and fun pictures. They also feature some pretty good blogs every now and then such as A Pair of Pears! And they also have some great tutorials.

Made by Andi is the last of the blogs. Andi sells her handmade bags on Etsy and discusses a lot of her work on this blog. I love it as a new Etsy seller because I can really get a feel for how an Etsy shop can be promoted successfully. Check out her blog and shop. Her work is gorgeous.

Needless to say, I’m feeling inspired and also pressured to up the quality of my blog. I’m not a natural blogger though and I never know what to post about, so hopefully I can get the swing of it soon.

I hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday and enjoyed checking out those cool blogs!

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