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The Seeds Have Hit Etsy!

I stayed up all last night prepping listings for their midnight release, published them at midnight, and then treated myself to cereal before going to bed. Today I gave a terrifying presentation, treated myself to a hazelnut and lime Italian soda, and then went home and finished putting the listings up. Needless to say, I’m pretty pumped about having my Etsy shop more packed than it’s ever been and I want to share the good news!

Rather than writing a lengthy post, because I’m honestly feeling like tucking in early, I’d like to showcase a few of the new shop additions. Hope you see something you like!





All of these pictures link back to the associated Etsy listings if you’re interested in exploring further.

Make sure to check out all the other Seeds of Inspiration now up for sale and pick yours out so that you’ll be prepared once NaNoWriMo comes around!


Very Special Seeds of Inspiration

If you’ve been following my posts recently, you’ll know that I’m in full swing production of the Seeds of Inspiration which I hope will be used as desktop/carry-along muses during National Novel Writing Month. They’ll be up for sale in my Etsy shop on September 26th, but I’ve made a few as gifts for friends which don’t necessarily fit the general design of the Seeds.

Firstly, I made a Dragon Seed for a friend just to see if I could pull it off. While it may look like a bizarre tadpole, it is in fact a fearsome dragon which I’m pretty sure could carry off a small cat by the time it’s fully grown.

The next was a gift for a friend’s birthday. She said she wanted something fairy taley and maybe princessy, so I made her a fairy tale princess! Meet Camilla and her little metal wings.

And finally there’s the little chicken! She looks kinda funny because I didn’t want to give her a beak, but gave her a little comb so she’d more obviously be a chicken. Not sure about the result. My friend seemed to like her though so I call that success!

There they are! Some very special Seeds. So if you have a favorite animal, plant, character, or pretty much anything else just let me know! I love experimenting and I love commissions. Hit me up!


Keep an eye on the Tiny Octopus Designs facebook page for more updates and more pictures of the Seeds of Inspiration!

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