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Wehland Bros. Coming Soon!

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Phew! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here! I’ve been caught up with school and the imminent approach of NaNoWriMo. Anyway, I’d like to take a step away from the Seeds of Inspiration, which have been my topic of choice recently, and tell you all about something I’m very very very excited about.

My husband and I have been working with his family for a while to start up a little business to which we can all contribute, and things are finally coming together! While Tiny Octopus Designs is my personal brand, my darling Thomas wanted a shop which could incorporate goods made by him, me, his brothers, his sister, and maybe even his parents. This way, the shop will have a wonderful variety of items which will hopefully all tailor to a general theme of “old elegance” whether they be authentically antique or handcrafted to reflect the perfection that is vintage.

We’re still building our stock, but I’ll be dropping teasers every so often as we prepare to launch so you’ll know what to look forward to.


An Heirloom Dress

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Fifty-five years ago, my mother’s mother wore the most gorgeous wedding gown I’ve ever seen. Later on my mother wore it as did several other members of our family. Since I was little I have been looking longingly at the pictures of my family in the dress and anxiously awaiting the day when I too would be able to wear it.

This year was the year and this month was the month.

On June 9th, I married my husband and wore my dream wedding dress. I wanted to share a set of pictures which feature the first and last person to wear the dress. I wanted to replicate my grandmother’s portrait in the dress and with my incredible photographer, Rachael Owen with Catching Violet Photography, we were able to make that dream a success. The dress required no modifications to fit me and it fit perfectly.

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Planning my Wedding!

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As of tomorrow I have exactly three months until I marry the man of my dreams! Leading up to the big day, I am becoming more and more susceptible to wedding websites, blogs, and pinboards on Pinterest. I’m the kind of girl who’s been planning my wedding since I knew what a wedding was and now that we’re mere months away I just can’t contain myself! I have to make a blog post about it!

First of all, I am beyond ecstatic to say that I’m going to be wearing the wedding dress my Granny wore 57 years ago! My mother wore it too and now it’s my turn. It looks like a ball gown he truly magical part is that it fits perfectly with no modifications necessary! Pictured below is my Granny wearing the dress. I plan to have a photograph taken in the same pose.

My shoes are mind numbingly expensive for shoes (for me at least), but since I don’t have to pay hundreds for a dress, I figured I could splurge! I haven’t ordered them yet, but I’ll be getting the At Tiffany’s shoes from Hey Lady. Their prices are high, but their quality is exceptional!

The theme of the wedding is going to be old fashioned/traditional/vintage to match the dress. I’m still collecting all of the bits and pieces for myself, but I’d like to give you a little taste of my wedding to come in the form of snapshots from my wedding pinboard!

Love the frames. I plan on having vintage picture frames on all of the tables to present the table names at the reception so tying them in to group pictures like this. Very fun.

I’m a big sucker for strung lights and candles. Our wedding and reception are going to be vintage themed, but my dad and I have been talking about a potential after reception party back at our house. I live in the country so we’ve got a sort of country/farm vibe going on and I’m considering lighting the night with candles in mason jars strewn on tables and hung from trees. There might even be a blue grass band playing at it!

Since the wedding’s going to be in June I figure sparklers could be a fun, seasonal touch. Plus they remind me of being young at the farm in North Carolina.

I’ll be talking to my florist over Spring Break next week about flower plans, but I’m still wishy washy on exactly how I want my bouquet to look. I love the color scheme of this one, but I’m also partial to white anemones.

As for wedding favors, we’ll be getting a bunch of pretty little tins with windows and collecting a bunch of family recipes to print on 3×5 note cards. ┬áThat way they’ll be personal and thoughtful while still affordable.

I wish I could pin everything from my wedding pinboard, but it would take up so much space! Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out the rest of my wedding pins, click here!

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